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SEL with Acrylics - No Two Crowns Are Alike @ YWLA - Grand Prairie, TX

We had a great time! With over 20 Teaching Artists and STEM Instructors in tow and rotating several sessions throughout the day...That's a lot of self-esteem embedded in some amazing young women!

Thank goodness we were in the Science Lab, it made it really easy to clean up and prepare for the next class! The girls were so excited, I could hear them in the hallway excited about working with paints and canvasses. "Do we get to take them home?" "What are we making?" and "Can we paint whatever we want?", were all questions being hurled at me as each young Picasso, Van Gogh or Kahlo was ready to take up brushes and get to work!

I love encouraging students to find the beauty in their own worth and individualism! Every student needs to believe in the worth and the value of the gift they are to the world! We're training up royalty!

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